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Tootache Pain Treatment

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, whether sharp and throbbing or dull and achy, difficulty to bite and chew it’s time to contact the team at Gleam dentistry. Toothaches can take a lot of different forms, but they usually have one thing in common they tend to be a symptom of an issue that a dentist will need to address.

The most common causes of dental pain include:

  • Abscess
  • Tooth decay
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Cracked teeth

There are several options to cure tooth pain depending on what has caused it in the first place. Your dentist will examine your mouth, find the source of pain, and determine the best treatment. It is important to seek dental treatment even if pain starts to subside. Our dentists aim is to deliver care to get you back to your everyday life.

It is important to seek dental treatment even if pain subsides as an untreated tooth ache can cause serious infection or other permanent damage to your mouth, teeth and gums.

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