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Mouth Guards

Prevent Possible Injury With Mouth Guards

When it comes to protecting your teeth while playing a contact sport a mouthguard must always be worn to help prevent your mouth from injury. A mouthguard is designed to help cushion a blow to the face and help minimize injury to the face, jaw, lips and teeth.

There are many different mouth guards on the market but its ideal to have one that’s specifically for your mouth and teeth. Ill-fitting mouth guards can cause discomfort, trouble breathing and a risk of not protecting the mouth and jaw fully.

Gleam Dentistry custom make a mouth guard to provide the best fit and designed for your mouth and to ensure easy and comfortable breathing.

Custom mouth guards require two simple appointments;

  • Impressions- Our dentist will take a mould of your teeth with impression material.
  • Fitting- Mouth guard will be fitted. This will ensure the fit is correct and comfortable.

The risks of not getting a properly fit mouth guard can result in serious damage to teeth and face resulting in long term dental problems.

Mouth Guards

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