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Implants And How They Are Applied

If you have lost a tooth due to poor dental health, tooth removal or injury an implant is a long-term solution that might be the right choice for you. An implant is a permanent fixed

Dental implants are a process that involves both an oral surgeon and one of our dentists working closely together; this involves attaching a crown into the mouth and attaching a permanent fixed crown to match your natural teeth.

Dental implants can take up to 3-6 months from the start of the process to the end and involves the following process;

  • Patient is referred off to see an oral surgeon for the implant component. The damaged tooth is removed if it already hasn’t been followed by surgically placing a titanium screw into the jaw.
  • After 3-6 month the implant will fuse to the jaw and a post will be attached to the implant ready for the crown to be attached.
Dental Implants

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