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Crowns and Bridges

How Crowns And Bridges Strengthen A Damaged Tooth

Crowns and bridges are used to strengthen a tooth damaged by decay, fracture, previous restoration root canal treatment or replacing missing teeth. At Gleam Dentistry we work closely with Australian laboratories to make you a high-quality crown that matches the shape and colour of your other teeth.

A crown is a custom-made fixed prosthetic cap that is placed over an existing tooth for protection or cosmetic enhancement. Bridges are used to fill a space when a tooth is missing by suspending a false tooth from natural teeth on either side. The natural teeth are crowned

Crown and bridge appointments require two appointments;

  • On your first visit our dentist will prepare the tooth by shaping the outer layer of the tooth. Once the tooth is ready moulds are taken for our lab to make the crown. A temporary crown is put in place for a week until your permanent crown has been made.
  • The second visit the temporary crown is removed, and your new crown is cemented in place.
Crowns and Bridges

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